Agent availability before handover

Hi, is there any way how to find out if there are some agents available before handing over? Example: handover to agent if available. If there are no available agents, do not handover to agent and stay on chabtot.

@PavolD, You can use MRE API for this.
Under " Media Routing Engine ":
please see API#5 i.e., “Check if agents are available to serve chats”.

Consume this REST API via GET method, e.g. https://fqdn/mre/api/AvailableAgents

It returns application/json response in boolean format indicating agent availability for taking new chat requests. It will return true only if any agent is in the “Ready” or “Active” State.
The API will return “false” if the agents are loggedin but in the “busy” state i.e., taking maximum chats at that time.

FYI The API is unsecured as of Today.

Thank you!

What do you mean by unsecured?

There is no username/password restriction on this. It can be called from anywhere without any security check.