Agent availability per queue

Is there a way to find out if there are some agent ready per queue? E.g. there is ‘default’ and ‘new_queue’. And there is 1 ready in ‘default’ and 2 ready in ‘new_queue’. MRE provides ‘…/api/AgentStats’ but it seems that groups agents from all queues into 1 queue called ‘DefaultPrecisionQueue’

Thank you

Following is the response from our team:

Regarding /api/AgentStats
It returns queue statistics and count of agents in every possible state for that queue. An agent may be a member of one or more Queues.
See the section Precision Queue Routing for details. A summary is:

Agents are assigned a set of Attributes, where an Attribute is a boolean or proficiency rating (1-10).
A Precision Queue is created with a set of steps with each step evaluating expressions based on Attributes.
An Agent A may therefore qualify to be a member of all queues where queue expression passes.

When we run Queue stats via api /api/AgentStats, we may see the same agent A statistics from all the queues the agent A qualified for.

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