Authentication of caller on IVR

The customer receives and answers the call, and speaks to the agent, Then the agent tell customer that he will transfer the call to IVR as customer must enter CIF& password ,during this time the agent will be reserved and waiting customer, then system will transfer him back to the same agent.


These sort of scenarios we usually used in banking.

In the case of UCCE we do this via CVP Temprory hand-off where an agent will do the consult call with IVR, then the agent leg will automatically put on hold, and customer and IVR remain there and once IVR ends, the customer call connects again with Agent.

To get the Authentication status from the IVR, we used the following mechanism

IVR will put the data either success/failure in some database, (based on callID which we send from CTI) .

After that when the call connect again with customer and agent , CTI (either connector, or finesse) will query the database with callID,(which was sent while doing consult as well) and get the status

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