Call Transfer from Agent to IVR & IVR to Agent to Enter Disposition Code about the Out Come

@ehtasham.malik A customer has UCCX 12.5. Agents are using Cisco Finesse with a url to website for travel booking. While talking to the customer and as a decision to do payments is made, the call get into IVR for entering credit card details. After the transaction is done which could be a successful or not successful transaction the call has to go back to /remain with same agent.The agent then enters the disposition as per the call out come.The idea is the entire process should be within the same session ID. We basically come in from IVR transfer to entering disposition code.
Is it possible? If yes, then we need to discuss the details.

We will develop a gadget from which agent can conference the call to the IVR
We will develop a simple IVR having one integration (where we will get the credit card details)
Once IVR transaction is executed , call be connected back with customer and agent.