CTI Connector for .Net based CRM

@ehtasham.malik please confirm if we can develop following mentioned connectors:
Customer is using PCCE using a .Net based CRM(homegrown)

User Case 1

  • ECM will upload file, placed on an external system, to an outbound campaign.

  • In case of “not answered” the call disposition should be updated in the CRM and the call should be re-tired

  • Outbound agents should have CTI control embedded within CRM which is home grown .Net based. The agent attends the outbound calls using the same CTI control within CRM.

  • The agent should have the option to enter the interaction details and the call disposition that should be captured as call activity in CRM

  • If the agent has marked some agent as interesting for cross-sell then that caller should be dialled back as part of another campaign dialing out all such numbers.

User Case 2

  • Another team wants to have CTI connectors based on CUCM so if they see the customer details and want to dial then they can copy to make a call and click to make a manual outbound call.

Use Case 1.2:
Yes we can develop a service that can sync call Status with CRM
Use Case 1.3:
For that customer needs to develop a client for Generic Connector, to embed the call control inside the CRM. We have a developer guide available here http://docs.expertflow.com/gc/latest/developer-guide

Use Case 2:
We don’t have a stand-alone connector for CUCM, but we have done the POC, so this connector can be developed on demand.

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