Customer finishing the interaction

Flags to the CS (agents) that the HS (customer) does not wish to receive any more messages and no – unsure if this is built into the bot or if the conversation closes out automatically)

The bot should end the conversation on a certain intent whether it’s in progress with the agent or the bot.
This feature isn’t currently available but can be developed. Will share a story for detailed discussion next week.

Keywords can be detected by RegEx detector. The chatbot that can then execute an action, such as not sending out any futher messages while waiting. The human agent however would still be able to send out a message to the client, and would have to manually recognize the STOP word (such as “redelephant” or similar).

Effort 2-3 days on Rasa Chatbot. @rabi.haider

Technical Approach
On such intent detection, the chat server will close the conversation.

Development Effort Needed
5 days