Different Responses based on Channel

Is possible to send different answers from Rasa based on which channel communication flows through?

For example, buttons on Viber and Facebook are displayed differently. On Viber, buttons are static with respect to messages. On the other side, Facebook renders buttons directly to message flow.

Considering an answer composed of more than one set of buttons, then what’s a solution to get the answer displayed on both channels properly?

An illustrating example:

---- stories part ----
## story 1
* example:
	- utter_text_1
	- utter_buttons_1
	- utter_text_2
	- utter_buttons_2

--- domain part ---
	    - text: "Example 1"
        - text: "Example 1"
	          - title: "Button 1"
                payload: "Button 1"
                type: "postback"
        - text: "Example 2"
        - text: "Example 2"
              - title: "Button 2"
                payload: "Button 2"
                type: "postback"                

That works on Facebook, but on Viber, the first set of buttons is overwritten by the second one.
Any suggested solution is appreciated.

@Martin, We have already developed two new features, to be released with the upcoming Version 3.11 which can be used to achieve this:

  1. Multiple bot flows per channel: You can define different actions/flow based on the channel from which a customer has been connected to the chatbot.
  2. Multiple chatbots per channels: You can also integrate multiple bots altogether and can map which bot to be used for which chat channel.

These features are supported now http://docs.expertflow.com/chat/latest/release-notes