Expertflow Campaign Manager: sms based campaign subscriptions

@ammara.bokhari please give your response to this business case of a customer:

User case
In order for the customer to sent broadcast messages to their clients, the clients has to agree to this service. In this service agreement, it should explain what services are being given and how the notifications will be received. There must also be a way for the client to send a message to remove themselves from the notifications.

For example: The bank as a campaign every month informing customers of their latest service offering via SMS. The client responds to the SMS with the word “STOP”. When this message is received, it should remove the user’s number from future SMS broadcast.

  1. How are users added to SMS broadcasts (manually or automatically)?
  2. How are users removed from SMS broadcasts (manually or automatically)?

Currently, while creating an SMS-based campaign, the user has to upload a file containing the list of phone numbers of the clients. When the campaign runs, it sends SMS messages to that list.
So every time when a campaign is to be executed, the client list is uploaded to ECM by the authorized app user.
For now, there’s no such way to unsubscribe or remove clients from the list because the file import is for one-time only.

We can, however, plan such development to receive an unsubscribe notification and process it so that the customer is moved to the DNC (DO_NOT_CALL) list forever, for all future campaigns.
This means that even if the customer was present in the subsequent file uploads, he won’t be receiving any new calls or SMS messages as long as his phone number is present in the DNC.

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imo, DNC should be just a normal field in CIM. ECM should work with CIM lists (= CIM tags) for executing campaings and would verify the DNC (or any other flags). I would add DNC features only in a merged CIM/ ECM product to avoid having to re-do work twice later on.

This is now solved by a plugin of Expertflow Hybridchat to Mautic, similar to the the messaging plugin as described here: The advantage of the Hybridchat approach as compared to the documented plugin is that it works through any messaging channel, and it can handle a more complex interaction scenario (chatbot and agents).