Finesse gadget to Automatically change agent state

Cisco Finesse Gadget that will be applied to a specific team. This gadget will monitor Agents’ State. If the Agent has been in a Not Ready state for a specific period of time then the gadget will automatically change the Agent State to Ready.

Contact Center is UCCX 12.5.1, Enhanced licenses.

@junaid.sadiq couple of questions .

  • Do we need to apply this gadget on one particular team,

  • This gadget needs to have the UI as well

  • Do we need to set the agent ready for all the NOT Ready Reason code, for example, if the agent goes on NOT READY for Break, then for that we also need to make him ready?

@ehtasham.malik let me respond one by one on your questions.

  1. Yes, this gadget will apply on one particular team. By team we mean a list of agent that supervisor will create i.e. add agents in a list using this gadget. So if any of these added agents are in Not Ready state for more than set time then that agent’s state should be automatically changed to Ready state.
  2. Yes, it should have a UI, using which supervisor will be able to add agents in it, on which this automatically change of agent state to Ready state feature would apply.
  3. Yes, it will be applied to all Not Ready reason codes but only to those agents which are added in this gadget using its UI.