FusionPBX integration with CRM(salesforce etc.)

We have a query from a customer

“We have FusionPBX as a core component of our VoIP infrastructure. We need to trigger SalesForce or any other common CRM to show the contact cards, create a lead ideally, but not mandatory to support “click to call”. We also need a basic call history and statistics (global/per agent) + to record calls or to manage this process for Fusion.”

Currently, We have developed the CTI on the top of FreeSwitch / FusionPBX. The detail of CTI features are available here.
Our Next plan is to integrate the same CTI inside the Salesforce, This is expected somewhere in April 2022, We will support the following feature in the Salesforce Integration

  • As soon as the call arrives, the contact opens automatically

  • Creation of Tasks / Lead as soon as the call ends in the Salesforce

  • Click to Dial feature, Agent can initiate an outbound call directly from Salesforce

We have already developed these features for Cisco, Same will be available for FusionPBX.The detail for Cisco Connector is available here.

Interaction / Call History will be available with our CIM integration