Handover & Precision queue

For now, it is possible to trigger handover to an agent by /human. In case of using multiple precision queues, /human would handover only to default queue. Is it possible to handover to specific queues? For example /human_queue1, /human_queue2 …If not, do you have it on the roadmap?

Thank you!

Routing requests to a specific queue is only available in the web channel at the moment. We do have this on the roadmap, i.e., to support routing on specific queue from all channels, however, no concrete deadline is available yet.

Do you think you would be able to provide at least some rough estimate? Thank you!

@PavolD will provide an estimated timelines after finalizing the user story. For now, I would like to ask if the following solution will work:

The chatbot will ask the customer to select an option/queue. This can be a button messages in supported channels like Viber or Facebook, or simple text based option selection e.g., Reply with “1” for complaint, Reply with “2” for Information etc., for those channels where buttons messages are not supported e.g., Whatsapp or SMS.
Based on the customer’s selection, the chat will be routed to that selected queue.

Please let me know if this will work and I will finalize the user story accordingly.

@masood.farooq Yes, this is correct.

Btw. you mentioned that buttons are not supported on WhatsApp, however according to the docs WhatsApp shall support text, file message, emoji and buttons. Can you please clarify what is all supported in the other topic called - WhatsApp - structured messages


@PavolD, This feature will be available in Q1, 2021 with the new design.