Hide Customer Number from agent

Client would like the number the call has come from to be hidden from the Agent (Crisis Supporter).

In the future release with fine-grained security and policy based permissions, certain information of a customer, interaction history, etc may be hidden from certain users.
But, this is not available at the moment.

In the current chat (HC) version, we ask clients to provide an identifier, so HC can assign new messages to a certain client. By default this identifier is a phone number, but it could just as well be an Email, unique name, or a browser identity (browser cookie). It is possible to use an existing browser identity/ cookie for this purpose - see https://www.expertflow.com/blog/customer-website-activity/ . This cookie can also be temporary and only live for one hour, for example (this can be set in the tag manager tool that the website is using - for example tagmanager.google.com). By default, Expertflow is now deploying HC in the form of a tag, capable of receiving identifying information from any other Javascript on the website. This isolates HC from directly having to run directly on the website. Privacy can easily be handled in this way as well: The company running the website or the customer can determine how long they want cookies to remain active, or delete them (which basically resets their identity).

Technical Identifiers: 1/ Webchat (IP address, Cookie), 2/Phone number (SMS, Whatsapp), Email,…

PII information: Phonenumber, Email,…
Location can be retrieved via Tags also (will ask the customer to share location/ microphone/ such as https://www.expertflow.com/blog/customer-geolocation-in-customer-care/)

Agent should not be able to see phonenumber/ identifier of the customer. Data HAS to be captured (IP address and Cookie), better if not shown to agent, however. Rendering to agent.

Hybridchat starts as a background JScript element on the browser http://docs.expertflow.com/chat/latest/chat-channels/web-chat/javascript-api
All that this script needs is some form of identifier (ideally a cookie), plus possible optional information (IP address, Geolocation,…). The pre-chat form is just a sample way of capturing identifiable information (such as a phone number)

@ehtasham.malik - to comment if this is done.

Hide Customer Number

Technical Approach
Already removed for web chat. For Whatsapp and SMS, the number will still be needed for the escalation process.
If it is still needed to be removed, the encoding of the number can be done. A custom decoder application (web app) can be used to decode the number (if needed). Securing decoding application is out of scope

Development Effort Needed
8 days

Storing and displaying IP Address Info

Technical Approach
Data would be stored and displayed as part of the concatenated string. The IP address would only be catered for web chat interactions.

Development Effort Needed
3 days