How a chatbot assists a customer throughout a conversation

With the current version of Hybridchat, the bot is only aware that a routing request was issued, and when an agent quits the conversation, but not when and that an agent joins the conversation.

This is how a chatbot remains engaged throughout a conversation in a helpline:
*start by capturing pre-chat information and initial classification, and storing these a database, which can be exploited by a BI solution for later reporting
*when the dialogue requires an agent:
a)the bot verifies whether there are any agents available (which is a text message written by a supervisor into a simple UI). If there is a message, the bot sends this message to the bot and doesn’t queue the chat session.
b)if there are agents, the bots sets one or multiple reminders, that will trigger certain messages to be sent to the client to verify that he is still there. During this phase, the bot continues to interpret any message from the client, which can include stop words, that can result in certain actions such as terminate any reminders/ scheduled messages.
*the bot is not aware when the agent joins. Once the agent joins, Hybridchat will send all chatbot messages asd suggestions such as reminders to the agent. The bot will continue to listen to the conversation and keep sending messages ending up as suggestions to the agent for every message received by the client.
*Once the agent finishes the conversation, an event is sent to the chatbot. This event can initiate a form dialogue to initiate a post-agent chat. All messages sent by the chatbot after the agent quits the conversation are again sent out directly by HC to the client. The results of this post-agent survey can again be stored in a database that can be exploited by a reporting solution.

After handoff to an agent/ once an agent joins, HC will intercept wait messages by the chatbot. HC will send these - like any message from the chatbot - to the agent for approval/ modification before sending them to the customer after the usual HC timeout period. This behavior in the Aug 2020- version of HC might be mildly annoying for agents when they join a chat session, but customers won’t be impacted with this. In the new merged HC/ CIM version, the chatbot can receive a notification that an agent joined, and will therefore not send out any wait message.