Hybrid Chat integration with Ellucians CRM-Recruit

There will be agents in different queues. We know of at least 4 different groups: Registration, Online Students, Financial Aid, & Student retention

The following questions are from the Admissions team and are centered around 2 things-Texting and Chat plus CRM integration

CRM product in use is Ellucians CRM-Recruit built on MS Dynamics

Texting Needs for Admissions

  • Integrate with our CRM
  • Set up texting communication plans
  • Make separate texting communication plans based on the location of the student (traditional, online, evening program)
  • Also capable of one on one texts
  • Record texting messages in CRM
  • Be able to schedule text messages in advance

Web Chat Needs for Admissions

  • Looking for a product that is prepackaged to answer higher education questions
  • The product keeps track of all the Title IV and IX regulations in real time
  • The chat bot can quickly distinguish answers based on whether the student is a traditional, online or adult evening program student.
  • The product is capable of answering questions for both prospective and current students


If based on MSCRM, the Chat integration could be as here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ6n0byNvRA .
The location or distinguishing studends can be extracted pre-chat forms or website credentials of the student, using GTM, using https://www.expertflow.com/blog/customer-website-activity/ (basically information available on the website, then xferred to the expertflow Chat widget).
We typically don’t store text messages in the CRM, but we create a link between a CRM and a CIM customer and from there to chat interactions - so the CRM could in principle retrieve chat messages via that link also.
Scheduling in advance would require the Campaign Mgmt module.

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