Hybrid Chat with Expertflow SAP CTI Connector (SAP ICI)

@ehtasham.malik Can we embed Hybrid Chat with SAP CTI Connector (SAP ICI)? We have below mentioned requirements:

CC Requirements:

  1. Agents need to work directly in SAP CRM intarface.
  2. Contact Center must receive messages from this channels
  3. Voice
  4. E-mail - As we see E-mail is not in your supported list, is it possible to develop connector for e-mail with SAP CRM?
  5. Chat
  6. Whatsapp
  7. Telegramm
  8. Viber
  9. SMS
  10. All contacts (“calls”) should go through SAP CRM ICI
  11. All contacts should go through Cisco PCCE (to get statistic information)

Expertflow SAP CTI Connector is tested and deployed with SAP CRM SP2, however, we don’t foresee any issue of its compatibility with SP15.
Expertflow hasn’t tested its SAP CTI Connector integration with Email/Chat options or Hybrid Chat solution integration with SAP CIC or C4C but it seems to be technically feasible.