Hybrid Chat with Social Media Posts: Sentiment Analysis

@jawad.bokhari can we provide such Sentiment Analysis using our Hybrid Chat integration with Social Media posts?

  • Find and filter social conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location—in multiple languages—to hear what people are saying about the brand, competitors, and industry.
  • Sentiment analysis should be available with customizable mechanics options to analyze customer feedback. The reports should include but not limited to:
  • Positive sentiments statistics and trends
  • Listing of positive comments/posts
  • Negative sentiment statistics and trends
  • Listing of negative comments/posts
  • Increase/decrease in customer followers after a specific admin post (Trend)
  • Net Sentiment over time (trend)
  • Sentiment score per platform and account/page
  • Sentiment score per conversation
  • Online conversation tracking across brand accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok & LinkedIn etc.
  • Including Hashtag/Keyword + Campaign tracking
  • Competitor analysis across platforms (including keywords + Social pages monitoring)
  • Social listening/Sentiment tracker with language compatibility (audience behavior of using both Urdu and roman Urdu text online)
  • Custom sentiment training for the algorithm incase roman Urdu language isn’t available
  • System capability to learn on trained posts assigned by us ( in case where tool fails to assign sentiment/ assigns incorrect sentiment)
  • Conversation tagging feasibility – so we can monitor which of our product/service etc. audience is talking about
  • Consumer Insights + Trend Radar – Ability to set alerts and rules
  • Query and custom Dashboards setup with automated reporting
  • Audience Profiling/Persona

There is a difference between a real-time multi-turn dialogue like you have it in chat, and single-step comments like you have it for social media posts, see also https://www.expertflow.com/blog/socialmedia/ .
Expertflow focuses on real-time customer interactions and multi-turn interactions (so there is a/ a notion of dialogue and b/ a need to respond in real-time, so not possible to respond only after 30 minutes).

Softwares such as falcon.io, crowdfireapp.com, juicer.io, smhack.io, ocialoomph.com, sproutsocial.com, hootsuite.com, loomly.com, oktopost.com provide the features as requested above. Expertflow can work with one of the above softwares and implement the above-required requirements as a professional service for company social media pages.

Besides a simple deployment and configuration of such social media software, we can go further in the following points:

  • We are experts in NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engines, so we can customize software to detect any language or type of content (sentiments, abusive language), so we’re not bound by the limits of what a socialmedia software provides - assuming the provide open API’s for content analysis
  • If a bilateral discussion is required, we can start that with expertflow.com/chat
  • We can distribute social media requests - similar as emails - to agents of a callcenter during low-traffic hours. Emails, Social media posts and outbound calls are best handled in non-peak hours where there is no urgency to act immediately.