HybridChat callback option

Callback features: from Website, from Chat when client required to switch to normal call, identify number of clients on the queue and give the customer option for callbackup or switch to other multichannel as chat.
Give the customer information about the queue and estimated time
Give the customer option to switch to other Multichannel, so the client receive message from the chat application that he choose


There’re currently no options for the customer to switch to a call from an active chat or switch to another chat channel during the active chat session.
However, the customer may approach the call center through any of the supported chat channels with Hybrid Chat.

To receive a callback, the customer may leave its callback request through a customizable web-widget which then collects the data and submits the request via JS API. When the Web Callback request is submitted, it goes to the Expertflow Callback software which forwards it to the Cisco Outbound Dialer. There’s no EWT and queue position returned at this stage since this is a normal request to Cisco Dialer to dial a call. Hence, when there’s enough capacity to handle an outbound call, the system automatically dials the callback to the customer.

What is also possible is to have a chatbot detect a callback request including desired time and number using NLU, or do the same with rich messaging/ forms. The chatbot can then call the ECM Callback API ( ECM - http://ecm.expertflow.com/ecm/callback/insertCallback ) to initiate a callback via the campaign manager to the Cisco OB DIaler.