Image type support - Viber, FB

For now only JPEG images are supported. Are there other types, such as png, to be supported in next releases? If yes, when?


@PavolD, Yes, other image types including png can be supported in future release. We’ll add it in the backlog considering owasp file upload security guidelines, and will schedule for development soon.

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@masood.farooq which future release do you mean?

@tauqeer.nasir Hi, do you have any updates on this? Which release did you mean?

Please check “ALLOWEDFILETYPES” through which these can be types can be added/allowed

I meant images in:

Hi @PavolD,
Please share a sample training data containing the image you’re trying to send on Viber.

Hi @jawad.bokhari Unfortunately, I do not have such training data. However, I just wanted to know what images types are allowed so we are able to guide our customers. Documentation states that JPEG only, therefore wondering if it has been upgraded.

From my point of view, it could support at least the basic ones such as (

Thank you!

See updated Structured Messages document. There’s theoretically no restriction on which image types you use. There may be however restrictions on the customer channels such as Viber and Facebook.