Message Bubble realignment on the Agent-gadget

In the agent, gadget is it possible to have the customer chat which is aligned on the left to be aligned on the right side and same for agent chat which is aligned on the right to be aligned on the left side?

This option is configurable through THREADED_VIEW variable in Agent Gadget Environment Variables. A Threaded View shows messages in a zig-zag view where all agent messages are right-aligned and customer and other participating agent messages are left-aligned, which is a standard practice of showing a threaded mode conversation.
If THREADED_VIEW is set to false, all messages are aligned as per the language default. For all LTR languages such as English, messages are shown left-to-right and for all RTL languages such as Arabic, messages are shown right-to-left.

@ammara.bokhari and @Talal_Yazdani if I am not wrong , this is MCB requirement. Which is related to cusotmer gadget not agent gadget. And they want to move customer chat and agent chat windows (inside customer gadget to opposite sides) The below screen can explain this

No, that kind of configuration is not available nor in our plans to implement (since this is a general practice to display personal messages on the right and other participant messages on the left).

Ok but in case of HC, personal message is on left side and other one on right side.

This issue is fixed in the upcoming version of HC. So the default is, all the personal messages (i.e. customer messages) are right-aligned while bot, agent, and other participant messages are left-aligned.