Message Pre-processing for Unwelcome Customers

Template - One Tier termination (canned messages)
The client would like to manually tag a customer (Help Seeker) as unwelcome. If a subsequent interaction arrives from this unwelcome contact, additional messaging to be provided to Help Seeker before routing to an agent.

message pre-processing will be implemented as part of the next release.
For now agents can use canned messages.

The merge of CIM and HC in Q4 will allow the creation of customer lists - customers having multiple identities. See . Information about the customer (in CIM) initiating any interaction can be accessed either by the routing engine or the chatbot, who can then take appropriate action (automated bot response informing that client that he is not welcome because he didn’t comply with netiquette).We are currently implementing for another client a solution where we use an NLU to extract bad language (pre-trained , along with a CAPS detection), to automatically filter abusive language and mark clients.