PCS web and IVR based survey

@ammara.bokhari, can you please confirm?

  1. Does PCS web survey link have an expiry period, to expire for example after one week
  2. For PCS through IVR, customer wants to record a message at the end of the survey, to be attached to the call survey (like comments in web survey). I believe this is not available, but please confirm, and also please confirm feasibility in case we give it optionally to customer with extra charge

Please also comment about

  1. Pulling data from the database for analytics or if APIs support such results retrieving as well.
  1. No, there’s no expiry for the web survey link for now

  2. Yes, this is feasible but not yet available. Need few customizations with the backend. Voice recording would be done by the contact center at the end of the survey call and the recording link can then be shared with PCS. By the way, are you asking this in the context of CCE or CCX?

  3. APIs for retrieving analytics are not yet available but you may pull the records from the database.

@ehtasham.malik can you please comment customization part? This is for UCCE

Yes to record the Message at the end of the call is possible in both UCCE and UCCX