Post Chat Interaction Engagement- Post Interaction Survey

Agent triggers post engagement bot for the post-interaction survey.
Stores data collected for reporting purposes.

This is recurring requirement. EF will create a story and put it on strategic development roadmap and share the timeline.

Requirement: After the session, run a survey (before and after the session) using a chatbot form.
Have the chatbot remain in the conversation from beginning to end, and trigger the chatbot to start the survey at a certain stage/ end of agent conversation.

Storage of captured data in a DB and reporting on the same. Information gathered by the chatbot prior to chatting with the agent can be seen by the agent.
Can be done by - the same form, once at the beginning, then pause the bot, then once at the end (unpause the bot) of the agent conversation.
store the information in a mySQL db (might require an additional DB if we don’t have one already)
approx 1 week of effort

Technical Approach
When an agent ends the conversation, chat server will trigger an intent to the bot to start the post-interaction data collection story.

Development Effort Needed
5 days

Bot Training/ Customization
3 days

Post Interaction Survey in Hybrid Chat in which agent can handover the session to Bot by clicking on the end-conversation option, is available now