Queue Waiting message on Non-Web Channels

How to notify the customers waiting in the queue that their chat request has been queued and the solution is finding an agent for them? Currently this feature only works for web chat and is not available for channels like Viber or Whatsapp.

@PavolD This is supported in v3.11 with the chat. See this section “Customer Engagement during handoff” on Working with Bots confluence page.

@masood.farooq will it be available for other channels as well? Viber, FB, WhatsApp … ?

@PavolD, the solution is for the other channels. Web chat is supported regardless of this. So for other channels, you can liaise the solution given in “Working with bots” page to send messages from the chatbot to customer saying something “Please wait while we find an agent for you!”. The bot can keep sending whatever messages you would like to send, and can stop sending messages once the agent joins.

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@ehtasham.malik @rabi.haider How would you then send a an engagement message in case of viber channel? Can you please give me an example? lets say I want to notify that user who is waiting in a queue for an agent - “please wait a minute for an agent”. Thank you!

@PavolD , You can control this via BOT, here is the detail available.