Salesforce CTI Connector: Chrome VIII

We received this query from a customer
“Currently we are facing an upcoming issue when Google pushes out Chrome V111. The Chrome Preflight feature will break our current CTI connector set up. There was no patch on our UCCX environment version and we do not want to update our current version of UCCX. Can you advise if this issue affects your product as well? Chrome is our browser of choice and we would like to keep it that way also.”

Preflight Request : Basically, chrome has a mechanism to block the cross-origin request until they are trusted. Cross-origin basically means. when 2 web applications try to communicate in a parent/child relationship while both are working in different domains.

Effect on Salesforce Connector : As Salesforce is running on its own domain and when we embed the CTI connector which will call the Cisco Finesse APIs, is runs on a different domain. As the connector is running inside the Salesforce it means the Salesforce is the parent application and the child application is Cisco UCCX Finesse API. So when we request Cisco Finesse API from a parent, it basically throws the CORS origin error, as Cisco Server doesn’t allow any traffic which is not in their trusted domain. We faced this error in UCCX 11.5 while installing our Salesforce Connector release, however, we sorted this issue by adding our Salesforce domain as a trusted domain in the CCX, in this way UCCX allows us to call the APIs from Salesforce and then we won’t be having this problem