Scheduling working and non-working hours for SMS

Hi Team,

Is it possible to schedule working and non working hours for SMS in HC. I know we use business calendar using ECM frontend to define on/off hours or holidays which is used for webchat. I want to schedule off hours or holiday for SMS. For example if customer sends SMS to the number (twilio) which is configured on hybrid chat, now it is off hours then auto message is sent to customer that agents are not available please send us sms in our working hours , for example 7 am to 7 pm

No, currently the business hours integration is only available for webchat; however, enabling it for other channels is already a part of the new design roadmap.

Thanks, and what is the tentative time for this feature to be available.

We don’t have any concrete timelines yet but possible to have a production-ready release around Q3, this year.