Service Performance Reports

Data which is needed to be shown;

  • Number of customers Arrived,
  • Number of customers Surveyed by bot,
  • Number of customers Queued,
  • Number of customers Messaged,
  • Number of customers interacted with both agent and the bot

See available reports at

The stage “arrived, surveyed, queued” is the same state for Hybridchat (it’s the state in which the chatbot handles the chat). The stage “customers messaged” and customers interacted with agent and bot" is the same stage.
The reporting page doesn’t answer the question raised: Will reports allow differentiating between chats arrived, chats handled by the bot, and chats handled by the agent and bot?
@masood.farooq pls comment.
In the Q4/2020 release of Hybrid chat, HC assumes that a chat session with a customer is never ending (it can go on for weeks or years). There is a notion of active handling/ subscription (ie, a bot or an agent currently in a state of actively being involved in a conversation) - especially in hybrid mode where both the agent and the bot work in parallel on a conversation.

Yes reports allow differentiating between chats as per below details

Chats arrived (offered) information is available in Chat Volume by Queue and Chat Volume By Channel report.

New report development Chat Volume By Bot is in pipeline. This report will provide the count of chats handled by the bot.

Number of chat’s handled by the agent is also available in a separate report.