Supervisor Team Gadget for MS Dynamics USD CTI Connector

@ehtasham.malik, Customer wants Supervisor Team gadget with Expertflow USD CTI Connector which shows:

  • Number of agents in Talking state
  • Time spent in Talking state
  • Notification when threshold is breached
    Its for UCCX 11.5

We can provide these Supervisor features:

Team Performance Gadget for Supervisors

  • List of teams (Supervisor should be able to select a team to see the agents of that team)
  • Once the team is selected, the supervisor should see the list of all agents in that team with the following information: (Supervisor should be able to sort based on any of the four columns)
    • Agent Name
    • Agent State
    • Time in State
    • Extension
  • Selecting an agent should show the following options/buttons/actions for agent to perform:
    • Start Monitoring: Supervisor should be able to silently monitor an agent in the talking state.
    • Barge-In (once silent monitoring has been started, only then barge-In should appear): To intercept a call and make it a three-party conference call
    • Drop Participant (once barge-In has been started, only then Drop-participant should appear): To forcefully drop the agent from the call.
    • Ready: To forcefully change the agent state to ready
    • Not Ready: To forcefully change the agent state to Not_ready
    • Sign-out: Forcefully log the agent out of the Cisco contact center.

Queue Statistics Gadget
Queue statistics view for supervisors will show the queue statistics on the CTI Toolbar. Queue statistics will have the following information:

  1. Calls in Queue
  2. Start Time of the longest call in queue
  3. Number of Agents in Ready State
  4. Number of agents in Not-ready State
  5. Number of agents Talking Inbound
  6. Number of agents Talking Outbound
  7. Number of agents Talking Internal