Supervisor Whisper Gadget Compatibility

@ehtasham.malik Can you please confirm below queries for our Supervisor Whisper gadget?

  1. Our gadget requires BIB enabled hard phones, but we also had a successful testing with Jabber version 12.6 (latest version at that time), what about Jabber version 12.9? As per its release notes, whisper functionality is not supported by this latest 12.9 version, Is this info enough to say that it will not work with this version or do you have some other thoughts?
  2. Will this work in conjunction with Calabrio AQM Call Recording/Live Monitoring? Please briefly explain the functionality.

We have not tested with Jabber Version 12.9.

Whispering work on the TOP of CUCM Silent Monitoring. I don’t think AQM has any impact on the this. However, this use case is not tested locally