Viber - share-phone & location-picker

In case of Viber channel, functionality of share-phone and location-picker through buttons is often required. Are these 2 functionalities on your roadmap? When shall we expect it to be available?


Just a reminder. :heart:

Discussing this internally with the team. Will revert back with the updates in a couple of days

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Hi @masood.farooq, did you have time to discuss it internally?

@PavolD, Yes. We added it as part of the new design where we are already building a Viber connector using NodeRed. We will release these two features as part of the connector with the new design (Hybrid chat 4.0)

@masood.farooq thank you! When is the new design HC 4.0 supposed to be released?

It would be available in Q1 2021, we will keep you updated.