Wait time notifications

HS engagement in the queue does not occur in the current state. ISS monitors queue and sends manual templates to provide wait times to HS and to access other services. Sit in queue e.g 50 minutes until CS.

Enable queue-wait-time for other channels, the same way as it’s done for web

I don’t understand the request here.
A customer can be engaged by a bot at any stage. The bot will however only reply if he receives a message - so if further info should be sent to the client, this would require a timer in the bot.

What we are aiming for is to have a general notification service that will send real-time chat and contactcenter state to a subscribed resource (which could be a chatbot or a website or an agent) - which can include SLA, available agents, opening hours and the like.

We don’t plan to implement this at an individual level however “your expected waiting time is 30 seconds”. What could be done is to provide queue position - but both remaining waiting time and queue position might be compromised if we have a higher-prio chat or call bypassing that particular request, so we don’t recomment providing individual position information.

requirement: at set intervals, we play messages to the customer while waiting (voice or bot) at periodic intervals.
These messages need to be sent without having a message of the client in-between.
This requires a timer/ spontaneous messag from the bot to the customer. Requires a timer to run in the background and spontaneously re-send messages to somebody in the queue.
To be implemented in the chatbot.
This might be the same message, or several messages (message A after 2 minutes, message B after 4 minutes, message C after 6 minute)
There might be a need to differentiate based on the chat channel (SMS vs Webchat).

@ehtasham.malik discuss with @rabi.haider how this can be implemented. Verify that the chatbot allows for this. Possible solution https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/api/events/#schedule-a-reminder and https://forum.rasa.com/t/timer/29964

How wait-time messages are sent is being described here: How a chatbot assists a customer throughout a conversation