WebRTC Video Call Using Expertflow Platform & Its Integration with Cisco Contact Center & any Recording System

@ismail.khawaja@expertflow.com Can we discuss and respond to below queries from one of our customer related to WebRTC:

  1. How to organize a videocall via WebRTC, using Expertflow platform
  2. How to integrate with CCX functionality of call via WebRTC
  3. How to record this videocall with Voice and Video recording system – in this specific case – Zoom CallREC and Zoom ScreenCapture.

We will integrate a web-widget in the website where a customer can come in and click on the call button which will initiate a WebRTC call with the agent. This can be a video or an audio call.

We can have the Webrtc call converted into a SIP call and send it to the UCCX through cube. The UCCX will then be responsible for call routing to an agent.

In the scenario where the call is coming from WebRTC to UCCX, it would be a simple SIP call landing on the agent phone. Recording on the Cisco phones is beyond our scope in this regard. Generally Zoom should be able to record a call coming in to an agent extension.