WhatsApp - structured messages

In the documentation it is not very clear if structured messages are supported in WhatsApp channel. In some parts of the documentation structured messages are supported, some state that only plain text, buttons, emoji and files are available - please see screenshots from the docs.

Can you please clarify what is supported and what is not? Additionally, if there are some limitation in comparison to channels such as Viber or Facebook.

Thank you!

@PavolD, I will update the document. A quick summary:
Whatsapp only supports following:

  • Text Messages
  • File Messages
  • Button Messages**
  • Image Messages

** Button Messages support doesn’t work like Viber and Facebook because Whatsapp does not have buttons or keyboard support. So for both SMS and Whatsapp, the bot has to send an additional parameter with the buttons titled “index” with values 1,2,3,4 etc. The channel manager will then show the index and the button title to the customer. For example.
1 Information
2. Button 2
3. Button 3

A customer can then reply back with the index to select the button, and the respective payload will be sent back to the bot.

Note: We are considering to add indexes on the CCM level to avoid making changes in the bot, however, this is not supported in this release and will be supported later.